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Vivi Suess

Descubre cómo trabajar en tu voz interna y relación contigo mismo para mejorar tu salud mental. Vivi Suess, psicóloga clínica, comparte las claves para motivarte, confiar en tus recursos y lograr cambios positivos sin necesidad de terapia prolongada. Aprende a hablarte con cariño y compasión.

Dra. Schanthal Felsenstein- Mizrahi

Kosher Therapy te invita a esta charla sobre cómo lograr BsH con inteligencia emocional, controlar los pensamientos y así tener equilibrio interno.

Rav Igal Snertz

Have you ever wondered how to achieve a healthy, effective and motivating Teshuvah process? Do you want to understand where to start, what to focus on, and what role guilt and burden of conscience play in the process? Rabbi Ygal Snertz will help us understand how to do Teshuvah.
Daniel Halpern

Daniel Halpern

Today we live in a digital world, dynamics and human interactions have changed. We invite you to better understand digital addiction to generate tools and skills that allow us to transform our home into a safe place.

Rav Igal Snertz

The main reason people seek emotional help is: the search for relief from a negative feeling. The person suffers and seeks to feel good. The motivation is the search for happiness and the pain is perceived as the obstacle to achieve it.

Jana Yael Leizorek

Learn about the essence of men, women and how to understand and face conflicts and challenges in the couple.

Linda Tawil

How to maintain a healthy mind in such a polluted world, full of negative information and stimuli?

Dra. Schanthal Felsenstein- Mizrahi

The person is composed of body, mind, soul and is inserted in a social environment. Learn in this talk how they are interconnected and what kind of help can be sought when the person suffers.

Daniela Schindlower

Everyone faces difficult moments in their lives. It is how we deal with them that makes us who we are. Daniela Schindlower helps us understand how to feel Hashem's presence in our lives during difficult times and gives us new insights based on the millennia-old teachings of the Torah.

Hernán Moshé Wahnish

Do you struggle with anxiety? Millions of people do, but most don't know how to handle it. This talk by Hernan Wahnish will help you with practical tips to manage anxiety so you can live a happier, healthier life.
Federico Duek

Federico Cohen Duek

Cada vez es más frecuente escuchar personas decir "soy bipolar" o "soy depresivo". Aprende en esta charla cuál es una mirada sana y judia de enfrentar los diagnósticos clínicos.
Rav Daniel Oppenheimer

Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer

Nowadays, parents are under great pressure, which influences our upbringing and the way we educate. Learn about the concepts that Rab Oppenheimer brings to achieve a more balanced education.