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Kosher Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kosher Therapy?

We are an international group of Jewish professionals, specialists in the area of health and emotional well-being. Through teletherapy, and under Rabbinic supervision, we seek to professionally help improve the quality of life and interpersonal relationships of all Jews, wherever they are. 

Which therapist will help me?

At Kosher Therapy we have different alternatives to help you decide which therapist is best for you.

  1. We offer you to schedule a free session in order to give you an orientation regarding the professionals, their characteristics and specialties. Also, you will be able to clarify any doubts you may have about whether Kosher Therapy is right for you. In this session we will help you find the most suitable therapist that fits your goals, preferences and consultation reason. https://koshertherapy.com/agenda-15-minutos/
  2. You can also find a list of our therapists in the link professionals where you can see the different therapists available, learn about their specialties, experience and accreditations. When going through this list remember that you can make use of the filters or the search bar.
  3. Alternatively, you can contact us on our online chat or through our contact form and we will be happy to help you.
Who are Kosher Therapy's therapists?

All the therapists in our team are observant Jews from different parts of the world. They are outstanding professionals in their fields, with different approaches, specialties and experience. You can check it in the description of each one of them. Furthermore, all members of Kosher Therapy are passionate about helping Am Israel to become whole people and to have a better quality of life. 

Is it possible to change therapists?

If you are not comfortable with your therapist or if your therapist does not meet your needs, you can write to contact@koshertherapy.com and request a change of therapist without any inconvenience. 

Why should I be treated through Kosher Therapy? Why is it a good idea to have a Jewish therapist?

Therapy is an intimate space where a person can talk about the deepest matters of his or her existence. Having a Jewish-observant therapist, who understands and shares your worldview, your lifestyle and your values, is very beneficial for the success of your therapy. With your therapist you will feel comfortable talking about all the aspects of your life.

If I am not Jewish, can I get my treatment at Kosher Therapy?

Of course you can! At Kosher Therapy we have the best professionals from each country, all of them have had vast experience in clinics and private practice, with a variety of patients, being very successful.

Do I have to register before booking a session at Kosher Terapy? 

To schedule a session at Kosher Therapy you do not need to be registered. At the time of schedule we will ask you some basic information and then you will receive an email with the confirmation of your reservation. You will also have the possibility to generate your password to access the patient portal.

Does online therapy work? Does teletherapy work?

Most current research (see source) suggests that teletherapy can be as effective as in-person therapy. The benefits of choosing to get teletherapy with accredited practitioners include: 

  • Time saving, no transportation
  • Have access to your session, wherever you are (home, car, work, vacation, etc).
  • Get access to the best therapist for you, even if he/she lives in another country. 
  • If you move to another country, you can continue your therapy.
  • Greater confidentiality with therapists who do not live in your community.

The professionals working at Kosher Therapy are experienced, licensed and accredited therapists who have been certified by their countries to offer therapy and have been verified by Kosher Therapy.

In what situations do we NOT recommend teletherapy?

Teletherapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy in most circumstances. However, it is not indicated in cases where you are at risk of harming yourself or others. In those cases, we strongly urge you to go immediately to the nearest emergency service or to an in-person psychiatric or psychological consultation. 

What do you mean by "Kosher Therapy"?

All Kosher Therapy professionals are either observant Jews or have a broad understanding of Torah life. All of them have been interviewed in their professional skills as well as in their outlook on Judaism (Hashkafafic). Kosher Therapy also has the support of great and important Rabbanim.

What is each session worth?

Each professional charges a different value per session (in relation to their country of origin, experience and other factors). 

What happens if I cannot pay the session fee?

You can write to us at contact@koshertherapy.com describing your specific situation so we can try to find alternatives. 

I have already made an appointment. How do I join the session?

If you have already booked your appointment, you will receive an email with a link to pay for the session. Then you will receive another email with the link to join your session. You can also log in with your username and password to your Kosher Therapy portal where you will find the information of all your bookings and their associated links. To join the session you don't need to download any software. Just click on the link. We recommend using the latest browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.Ver lista de navegadores recomendados).

Can I get a reimbursement for my therapy session in my country?

If you are treated by a professional from your own country, his or her bill may be reimbursed by the insurance, but if your therapist is from another country, this is not possible at this time.

I am a healthcare professional, I would like to work at Kosher Therapy, what should I do?

Go to "I am a therapist" on our home page, fill in your details and we will contact you. Alternatively, you can contact us at contact@koshertherapy.com

How should I be prepared for a teletherapy session?

It is advisable to give yourself a time of transition between your day's activities and the beginning of your session, in order to be emotionally available and calm enough to talk. Look for a quiet place, with a good internet connection, and, ideally, good headphones, and try not to be interrupted as much as possible.

How is my privacy protected at Kosher Therapy?

At Kosher Therapy, your confidentiality and privacy are an essential value for us. Therefore, our platform has the highest levels of encryption. In addition, your sessions will never be recorded and no written material will be shared or seen by professionals not authorized by the patient.

What are the recommended browsers to enter video therapy?

Below is an updated list of recommended browsers. View recommended browsers

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