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Jana Yael Leizorek, psicóloga


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Jana Yael Leizorek

Clinical Psychologist, EFT Therapist (Emotion Focused Therapy) for individuals and couples. Trained in Inner Torah - an emotional and spiritual healing technique based on Torah. Trained in therapeutic interventions for adult and couple survivors of child abuse. Trained in Bach Flowers and EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). Trained to assist couples with intimacy problems. She teaches workshops on self-healing, marriage preparation and intimacy. Author of the series of teleconferences "GPS for your life" on topics of Shalom Bait, Sexuality, Personality and Life Mission.

Master of Arts, New York University, USA Maestría en Psicología, Universidad Tecnológica de México Externship y Core Skills en EFT, Terapia Focalizada en Emociones para parejas – Ackerman Institute for the Family (NY), ICEEFT Transforming Shattered Bonds with EFT – ICEEFT Sex as a Safe Adventure: Connecting Sexually and Emotionally through EFT – NYCEFT Treating Differences in Sexual Desire in Couples Work – Rivka Sidorsky, LLC Pelvic Health Seminar – Core Shalom Workshop – Shalom Task Force, NY Terapia de Pareja para Adultos Sobrevivientes de Abuso Crónico Infantil – Asociación Mexicana de Psicotraumatología Terapia Centrada en Mindfulness y Modelo Mindfulness para el Tratamiento del Trauma Agudo – Asociación Mexicana de Psicotraumatología