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Lizette Yael Mayer

Clinical Psychologist for young and adult women. Currently working in private practice and in Herzog Hospital (Jerusalem). Work experience in Psychiatric inpatient area and outpatient clinic - individual and group psychotherapy. Training in different lines of Psychotherapy and Torah Psychology. Worked in the Psychological area of the Kehila Sucath David (Argentina) with different functions. Received from Madrichat Kalah. She has given shiurim in different groups about personal development from a Torah perspective.

Graduated in Psychology at Universidad CAECE (Centro de Altos Estudios en Ciencias Exactas). Itmajut in Clinical Psychology at Hospital Herzog - Yerushalaim (In 3rd year of 4) EMDR Psychotherapy Course Theoretical-Practical Course of ACT Psychotherapy (at Herzog) Olam HaRegashot (The World of Emotions) Course by Rabbi M. Boier Course Coach HaMachshabah (The Power of Thought) by Rabbi M. Boier. Course Yesod HaHadam (The Basis of the Human Being) By Rabbanit Ticochinsky. Course Midot and Chochot By Rabbi I. Snertz Received from Madrichat Kala of Rabbanit Ruth Shemesh.