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Jaya Olga Rosenberg

Clinical psychologist and teacher in child and adolescent psychotherapy. She has worked more than 25 years giving psychotherapy to children and adolescents in private practice. She has extensive experience in the treatment of emotional problems in childhood and adolescence such as anxiety problems, depression, phobias, self-esteem, social skills, illnesses, etc. She is also a specialist in trauma and child abuse, for which she was certified in Israel, Mexico and the United States. In addition, she has specialties in Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She works with children and families in the Jewish community and has worked in different community institutions.

Bachelor's degree in psychology (Universidad iberoamericana). Master's Degree in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Children and Adolescents (Mexican Psychoanalytic Association) Training in Trauma Focused CBT (Child Abuse Research Education and Service) Basic Training in EMDR (EMDR Mexico) Diploma in Trauma Informed Model in Child Trauma (Mexican Association of Psychotraumatology) Clinical Training in Trauma and Resilience, Taught by Dr. Dany Brom (Hertzog Trauma Center, Israel) Diploma in Therapeutic Model Based on the Sandbox (Mexican Association of Psychotherapy of Play) Diploma in Therapeutic Interventions for Childhood Trauma (Mexican Association of Psychotraumatology) Diploma in Creative Interventions for Childhood Trauma (Mexican Association of Psychotraumatology) Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents (OHEL, Lakewood, NJ) Trauma and Resiliency Training (Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) Course in psychotraumatology and trauma management (Maayan Hajaim) Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Universidad Anáhuac) Diploma in Crisis Intervention (Universidad Anáhuac) Diploma in Game Psychotherapy (Mexican Association of Game Psychotherapy). Course in Childhood Psychopathology (Mexican Psychoanalytic Association)