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Shoshana Ergas

Clinical Psychologist with experience in psychotherapy to Jewish women, especially in Shalom Bait and couple problems, self-regulation and anxiety disorders, self-esteem and role empowerment, assertiveness and character weighting. Training in NLP and TFT and Mindfulness. She started working in a private clinic with children, adolescents and parent counseling. Then she made a shift to specialize in Jewish women and their various roles, helping to generate the discovery and actualization of the strengths that each one has within herself. She treats women.

Psychology, University of Chile NLP Practitioner, SCPNL (Chilean Society for NeuroLinguistic Programming) NLP Master, Impact Institute TFT course taught by Mariela Prada, Psychologist. Psychology and Torah values with Rajel Arbus and Rbtz. Ruth Shemesh in Israel.