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About Kosher Therapy

We are an international group of Jewish professionals, specialists in the area of health and emotional well-being. Through teletherapy, and under Rabbinic supervision, we seek to professionally help improve the quality of life and interpersonal relationships of all Jews, wherever they are.

Our Mission

To provide the community with access to the best Jewish professionals, specialists in health and emotional wellness.

Our Vision

To contribute to fuller Jewish families, happier people and healthier interpersonal relationships.

About Us


Argentina - Chile - Israel - México - Panamá - United Kingdom

Kosher Therapy's international team is integrated by excellent Spanish-speaking Jewish professionals. We have specialists in various areas: depression, anxiety, abuse, sexology, grief, trauma, mistreatment, nutrition, among others. Additionally, we have experts in therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

Our team is constantly being trained in various training instances. They participate in monthly lectures with experts in different topics of the professional area and also of important Rabbanim. They attend a study group with Rav Igal Snertz and are part of case supervision groups among professionals.

Fundadores de Kosher Therapy


Kosher Therapy Founders

Kosher Therapy was founded by Daniel Schindlower and Vivi Suess, a Chilean couple. Daniel is an engineer and Vivi a clinical psychologist. They both shared a dream; to use their skills to contribute to Am Israel.

In 2020, thanks to the numerous studies that supported the effectiveness of teletherapy, Daniel and Vivi found the opportunity to help the emotional well-being of Jews around the world. Thus the idea of creating Kosher Therapy was born.

From the beginning, they understood that it was essential to have the support and Haskama of great Rabbanim, as well as to have a Rav for Kosher Therapy. They immediately thought of Rav Igal Snertz, given his great trajectory in the world of Psychology with Torah, the work of midot and, above all, for his great human quality.

Rav Igal Snertz


Kosher Therapy Rabbi

Rabbi Igal Snertz, of Israeli and Chilean nationality, received his training throughout his youth in yeshivot in Israel.

He is currently Rosh Kolel and director of Efshar Letaken - Center for Torah and Midot Studies.  

Rav Snertz taught at the Yeshiva Latina de Aish Hatorah for 14 years and, previously, for 4 years at Yeshiva Binyan Olam. He teaches classes and online seminars in various institutions, as well as in Aish Latino and Proyecto Tikun. 

Es autor del libro de halajá "Shuva Elai", del libro de hashkafá "Los 13 Principios del Judaísmo" y de los libros de musar "El Código Judío de la Felicidad" (originalmente publicado en hebreo como “Najat Ruaj”), "Un pequeño libro para un Gran Matrimonio", y "Meat min Haor". 

Rav Snertz has spent nearly 20 years researching and teaching Torah psychology, and guiding many people on an individual level in their personal development.